Digital Native Assets is the Sydney based team that manages the DNA Tracker Fund. The DNA Tracker Fund is an Australian wholesale investor feeder fund to the established TCM Digital Asset Fund (the “Global Fund”) which is managed by TCM Global Asset Management and TCM Capital.

DNA Tracker Fund is a safe and secure way for investors to gain exposure to digital assets via a familiar unit trust structure. It provides investors access to the Global Fund's independent service providers and an underlying basket of the top 7 crypto assets. The Global Fund has a 3 year track record audited by KPMG, and is regulated by the Cayman Islands Monetary Authority (CIMA). The Global Fund is serviced by leading institutional providers including Coinbase, Signature Bank and Mainstream Fund Services.

DNA and TCM leverage decades of top tier global expertise across investment banking, capital markets, trading, and asset management. Beyond the 3 year audited track record of the TCM Digital Asset Fund, TCM has established other successful digital asset plays. One example is InfiniGold (now Trovio), to whom TCM was the Lead Adviser in the successful launch of Australia’s first gold-backed digital token in 2019, in partnership with The Perth Mint. TCM also led initial seed funding and the initial exchange listing of Fantom, a high-performance smart-contract platform.